Pavilion FAQs

Architectural Shingles come standard with all pavilions. We currently offer 8 standard roof colors. If any of these colors do not match we would be happy to special order any shingle color for you.

We are happy to move the pavilion for you and re-level whether it is across the yard or across New England. If we move the pavilion it does not affect your warranty .

Vinyl siding seems to be the top choice today. People like the idea of having a maintenance free pavilion. The vinyl is very easy to clean and maintain!

Yes our installation crews deliver and install on the same day. On occasion with a larger size pavilion the installation may take two days to complete.

We offer Pressure Treated, Cedar and Vinyl pavilions.

The town permit requirements for a pavilions varies throughout New England. In many towns, you do not need a permit for an average size pavilion. We do leave this up to the homeowner. If your town does require one, we will be glad to assist you with the application.

No. We require a 10% deposit to secure order placement. The balance is due the day of delivery.

Many times some fill or crushed stone can do wonders to help level off the area. Concrete sono tubes are another popular choice. We would be happy to give you a diagram detailing where to place them for your pavilion size. We can also refer people in the field who can do this work for you.

We will be happy to talk you through the requirements needed for installation. If you would like we can come to your home and provide a FREE on-site evaluation.

We will supply the bricks and blocks only if applicable on your item. This is included in the price of the pavilion.

We will be glad to go over the pavilion sizes and suggest a door and window layout that will work best for you.

No as long as the elevation does not drop more than 12”. The best way to determine this is to mark the area where you would like the pavilion to go. From the highest ground corner to the lowest ground corner it should not have more than a 12” difference. Included in the pavilion pricing we will supply our own bricks and blocks. The installers will adjust them accordingly to make sure the pavilion is level. If you need any help determining whether your site is sufficient or if your site is more unleveled than we require, please call us for a FREE on site evaluation. There are several options for preparing an unleveled site and we would be happy to counsel you accordingly.

We feel competition is healthy. It allows the consumer to shop apples for apples in quality service and pricing. You will find that we have always built our sheds to the highest quality, but still offer affordable pricing.

We build our pavilions to order from scratch. They are prefabricated in sections to allow the installers more accessibility at your home. This allows us to go through gate openings without having to remove fence sections etc. If we cannot unload within 100’ of where the shed location is and additional cost will apply (usually $30 charge).

Eastern Shed Company is a family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on “Old School” customer service and “Superior Quality Sheds at Reasonable Prices”. Contact us to see and experience the Eastern Shed difference…

No we do not hire subcontractors. Unlike the box stores who use subcontractors that can lead to a revolving door of different installers where there is no accountability.  We employ our own crews who are highly trained to build the best quality pavilion possible. It is wonderful to get that call after an installation letting us know how professional and courteous the crew was! 

We offer a 5 year warranty on your pavilion.

Only if you order a floor. We currently offer 4 different colors of flooring on pavilions, Redwood, Cape Cod Grey, Cedar & Weatherwood.