Shed Models



  • Most Affordable
  • American Classic Roof
  • 6’ 4.5” Wall Height


  • Most Attractive
  • Steepest Roofline
  • Dormer Option


  • Most Overhead Height
  • Traditional Barn Roof
  • Largest Loft Option


  • 15” Front Overhang
  • Carriage House Roof
  • Taller Front Wall


  • Build Close To Structure
  • One Slope Roofline
  • Modern Design


  • 4 Roof Styles!
  • 8’x7’ Overhead Door
  • 7’ 4.5” Wall Height
Firewood Shed

Firewood Shed

  • 15" Front Overhang
  • Pressure Treated Floor Plywood
  • Large Front Opening

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Shed Features

Exterior Features

  • Full Roofline Coverage White Aluminum Drip Edge on all sheds.
  • Optional Vinyl Rooftop Cupolas with 6 Different Options.
  • Optional Classic Gable Vent Option (Standard Vent Included in all Sheds)
  • 3-Tab & Architectural Roof Shingles Available (25 or 30 Year Warranty)
  • 2,3, or 4 window Dormers Available as Options on our Aspen Models.
  • Aluminum Windows including screen, vinyl shutters, & locking capability included.
  • Fiberglass 6-Panel Doors with lock & Key Included.
  • Optional Transom Windows provide overhead natural light.
  • Optional Pressure Treated Ramps available for all door sizes.
  • 2x6 Pressure Treated Frame & Cement Leveling Blocks included with all sheds.
  • Optional White Vinyl Freize Board Covers the Pressure Treated Frame.
  • Maintenance Free Vinyl Clapboard Siding available in Numerous Color Options.

Interior Features

  • 2x6 Roof Trusses 16" On Center with Plywood Sheathing Included.
  • Gable Venting Included on All sheds. (Optional Classic Vent Option Shown)
  • Optional overhead Lofts available for additional Storage.
  • Interlocking Top double Plate included for additional Strength.
  • 2x4 Wall Studs 16" on Center Included.
  • Plywood Wall Sheathing on all Vinyl Sided Sheds.
  • 3/4 CDX Floor Plywood Included. (3/4 Pressure Treated Available as Option)
  • Single Hung Locking Windows with Screen in 5 sizes.
  • Optional 2,4, or 4 Transom Dormer option Available as Option on our Aspen Models.