5' Doors: $850

A Functional Alternative

Rollup  doors are available in 5'x6' for our standard 6'4.5" wall height sheds. There are some limitations for rollup doors depending on the size of the shed as shown below. Please note that if a customer chooses to order 1' higher walls, there are not as many limitations.


Available in 10', 12' & 14' Deep Sheds (Available in 8' Deep Sheds with 1' Higher Walls Upgrade)


Available in 10', 12' & 14' Deep Sheds


Available in 8', 10', 12' & 14' Deep Sheds.


Our 5'  rollup doors are not the same as the 8'x 7' (garage style) door that comes standard on our Delmar model. These 5' rollup doors are a less expensive alternative.

Example of a rollup door on a shed