Site Preparation

Creating a Level Platform For Your Shed

Choosing Your Shed Location

We want to ensure that your storage shed stays safe and maintains complete structural balance and level throughout its lifetime. In this matter, Eastern Shed Requires all sheds to be placed on a level firm area. We ask customers to allow the site not to drop more than 6″ in elevation over the entire square footage of the shed. Mark the four corners of where you would like the shed to go. From the highest ground corner to the lowest ground corner it should not have more than a 6” difference.

Included in the shed pricing we will supply our own bricks and blocks. The installers will adjust them accordingly to make sure the shed is level. If you need any help determining whether your site is sufficient or if your site is more unlevel than we require, please call us for a FREE on site evaluation.

We always recommend a 3/4″ crushed stone base for our sheds for maximum strength and proper water drainage underneath. 

Preparing The Site 

There are several options for preparing an unleveled site and we would be happy to counsel you accordingly. If you are interested in having gravel work, leveling, cement footings, etc done please let us know and we would be more than willing to go over our recommendations for you or your local landscaper. 888-34-SHEDS.

If you have any concerns about the area you plan to put it please call the office 888-34-SHEDS to discuss having a representative take a look at the site to see if you are within these restriction or will need to prep the site. 

Please note when preparing a site keep in mind the shed location itself must maintain a 3′ clearance off any obstructions, buildings, fences and so on.